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office scene Situated in the beautiful city of Kunming in southwest China, Yunnan Allied Dental Clinic was estabilished in 1998 as a dental service partnership, affliated with the official Yunnan Provincial Overseas Chinese Alliance. Our aim is to create a technologically advanced dental facility and provide top-notch comprehensive dental care to public. Ever since our founding day, through our dedicated and professional service, we have gradually gained a reputation as one of the finest dental clinics in Southwest China.

operation in processWe at Allied Dental always place our patients' interest first, and believe patients' wellbeing is our utmost concern. All of our senior staff have been well-trained and through years of hands-on clinical experiences, has become experts in their own clinical specialty. With our high caliber dentistry profesionals, excellent supporting staff, state-of-the-art equipment and materials, we strive to provide the best dental services available anywhere.

As one of the most prestigious dental clinics in southwest China, we have a broad range of patients from all walks of life, including film actors, TV persoanlities, performance artists, and top provincial officials. Just through word of mouth, we have had overseas patients from over 29 countries. Every year we also provide a number of free consultation clinics to under-privileged areas.

Facilities And Hours

Jing-Ma-Fang Clinic and Research Institute
4th Floor, Yilong Plaza Build #B
Shanshi Street. 
Central Region, Kunming City
Yunnan, China

Public Transportation: Bus Line 3, 4, 62, 90 etc clinic2_map Xinying Cosmestic Dentistry Clinic Number 1-4, Building #2, Xinxing Road Xinying Development Zone Guandu Region, Kunming City Yunnan, China 昆明市新迎小区新兴路2栋1-4号
Public Transportation: Bus Line 29, 47, 50, 54, 60, 70, 77 etc. Liangyuan Specialized Dental Clinic 1St Floor, Xinglong Garden Building-1 Liang Yuan Development Zone Xishan Region, Kunming Citiy Yunnan, China 昆明市梁源小区兴隆花园综合楼一楼
Dianchi Clinic Unit 11, YingHai Shansui Jian Dian Chi Center Road, Nanshi Region, Kunming City Yunnan, China 昆明市滇池路中段银海山水间11号商铺

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